Your US Headquarters

We enable international companies to have a full business presence in the U.S. without having to hire staff or set up and provide permanent premises.
Depending on your individual needs, we will provide you with a virtual, or actual real office space with a business address under your company name, mailing address, a telephone number and direct, interculturally experienced contact persons.

Our office service packages will make your US market entry as cost-effective and calculable as possible. You may always add additional services as needed, in accordance with the development of your business.

Our services are always individually tailored and adapted to the actual needs of our customers. Get in touch with us.

For example, your US corporate presence provided by us may include the following services:

– virtual office
– use of real office and conference rooms
– mailing address, telephone number
– Answering calls on behalf of your company
– Forwarding and/or handling mail, inquiries, complaints
– Taking care of your US customers and business partners
– Opening a US bank account

Start-up, marketing and sales services could include, for example, the following:

– Assistance with the selection and formation of a U.S. company
– Development and implementation of marketing and sales strategies
– Assistance in creating or adapting marketing materials for the U.S. market
– Storage and shipping of brochures, catalogs, samples, etc.
– Trade show preparation, support and follow-up
– Establishing and facilitating business contacts and connections
– Planning, support and accompanying of business trips in the USA
– Organization of warehousing and shipping services

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