U.S. Trade & Sales Services

Market development and expansion through new business development, new customer acquisition, sales, and distribution.

Trade & Sales Services

Our Sales Services researches, explores and identifies potential customers, introduces products into the U.S. market and implements new business development strategies. New customer acquisition, identifying and developing alliances and partnerships and exploring new business lines are our specialty. In addition to our sales services, we also offer online sales services, distribution, and shipping in the U.S.A.We research and analyze the relevant markets in the US, develop sales strategies and implement projects successfully. Our goal is always a long-term, steady business relationship and comprehensive customer service.

What we do

– Interims Management
– Special Projects
– New Business Development
– Business Research
– Market Research
– Identification of potential customers
– Acquisition of new customers
– Identification of decision-makers
– Identification and development of strategic alliances and partnerships
– Building sustainable customer relationships at senior management level
– Support for existing customers
– Fair and exhibition planning, organization and participation
– Customer Support
– Complaints
– Trouble Shooting
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