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In more than thirty years as an independent entrepreneur, first in Germany, and now in the USA, I have experienced many new beginnings, successes, also failures and general change, for myself, as well as with many of my customers and partners.
However, none of this can be compared to the development we have experienced in recent years, on both sides of the Atlantic.

My entire professional life I have worked in or for medium-sized, mostly family-run companies. In doing so, I have gotten to know the “real entrepreneurs” who represent the so-called “Mittelstand” in Germany as well as in the USA, who still form the backbone of both economies. The success of these companies is based above all on long-standing entrepreneurial values, of which I would like to list a few here:
Willingness to take calculated risks, assumption of personal responsibility, long-term planning, responsible financial action, constant innovation, good training and payment of employees, long-term honest partnership with customers and suppliers.

The focus is not on making a fast buck, but on the long-term existence of the company, for the benefit of the owner families, the employees and the region. These medium-sized companies are the last bulwark against the destructive so-called “turbo-capitalism”, which is spreading more and more on our planet, or rather “is being spreaded”.

This destructive development is unfortunately still promoted by politics, big banks and too many investors instead of being contained.

For a long time I have tried in vain to put this problem into words and to point out solutions. Fortunately, I have now found this article by Reinhold Karner in “The European”, which speaks from my heart.
Clicking on the link below brings us all further, in every aspect:

Liebe Unternehmer, vergesst Darwin! | The European

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